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No matter where you are, Trains, Plains, Malls, Schools, you come across a Blackberry user. 


Today, more that 85% of business employees are carrying a Blackberry device.


Q- What does a Blackberry Device do?


A- BlackBerry gives you the functionality of your mobile phone with superior email and SMS capabilities. It allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently. Plus, you can be organized - BlackBerry devices offer a convenient organizer, complete with integrated address book and calendar. And with browser capabilities, you can easily access information on the web.



We will assist you with,

  • Blackberry Desktop Installation.

  • Blackberry Device Installation (All Models)

  • Full Training on your Blackberry Device

  • We'll show you Tips & Tricks to make your experience more friendly and even faster with shortcut key strokes.

  • Will answer any questions you may have at anytime anywhere.

          and more! - Call today for pricing!




Do you need BlackBerry?

Answer these questions and find out if the BlackBerry Internet Solution is the all-in-one for you:

  1. Do you receive time-sensitive email, or more than 15 email messages per day?

  2. How much time do you spend away from your desk? Are you, or is your job, dependent on email?

  3. Do you need flexible ways to stay in touch with friends and colleagues?

  4. Would you benefit from having access to your email and the web while on the go?